Dragon Bust - $26 - This bust is a three dimensionl version of the magnet we sell. It is hand cast in hydrostone and has a wash finish to bring out the great detail. The head is mounted on a pine base and is a signed and numbered open edition. 



Stone Moon Box - $35 - This box top shows a relief of the man in the moon in profile as a comet wisks by him and stars twinkle in the background. The decorative sides have a cresent moon beaming down upon a field of stars. The box stands 3 inches tall and is 3 1/2 inches square. The bottom is lined in velvet. We've received great response on this one. Watch for a sun companion piece to follow. 


 Moon Tile/Plaque - $12 - Do you like the moon box but don't have a place for it? Try out this tile instead. The same great moon face on a 3 1/2" x 3 1/3" plaque that can be hung on the wall or stood upright on an easel. 


Sleeping Fairy Stone Box - $45Upon a removable lid sleeps a palm sized fairy on a bed of ivy. The 4 sides feature three dimentional leaves and berries surrounded by an art nouveau border. The box stands 4 3/4" tall and 4" square with a bottom lined in velvet.  A truly beautiful piece.  





Gryphon Incense Burner - $48This beautiful art piece stands a full 5" tall. Three winged gryphons surround the outside of a 4" diameter pedestal bowl. An intricate filigree design adorns the removable lid. Venting holes are located on the sides and top to accommodate burning cone incense. A really nice item. Available in one color only.

Gryphon Bowl$48 - Same as above without the addition of venting holes in the lid and sides.





Stone Dragon Box - $32 -  ShadowCastings Most Popular Item!!  This highly detailed item is emblazoned on all four sides with a winged dragon within a diamond emblem. The 3 1/2" square box is topped off with a fierce looking, three dimensional dragon head. The interior bottom is complemented with a royal red velvet bottom. This item won the 2004 Best 3-D Award at the GenCon Indy Art Show. The boxes are available in color choices of slate grey or bone.  



Dragon Plaque - $22 - Two horned dragon heads appear in profile upon a stone shard as if carved from the very rock itself. Although very dinosaur like in appearance, there is no mistaking them for dragons. The shard measures approximately 5" x 9 and can be hung from its wire back or stood upright with the use of a picture easel. Available in slate grey or bone colors.



Dragon Head Pins and Magnets - $8.50 - They look like they are made of solid metal but they are actually plastic! The look of metal without the weight. You can purchase them with either a pin backing for attaching to fabric or a magnet backing for affixing to a metal surface. Three assorted metals are available: nickel, brass and bronze (the most popular). Brass can be ordered in a traditional finish, red tint or green tint.     



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